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Hi, I'm Heidi. I'm way cooler and cuter than Alexis and I'm hoping she sees this relitively soon and realizes how awesome I am and just sits there in awestruck bewilderment.P.S. I hope you don't get mad lex this is kinda fun. 

holy shit alexis you only have 56 followers get your shit together. damn hipster hooligan.

dylan o’brien + being adorable with dogs

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You and I5/08

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Ultimately, my job is to portray a living, breathing human being and to act truthfully under imaginary circumstances. I learn things from everything I do, but I’m constantly trying to better myself as an actor.

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if you still like your crush after they get their hair cut that is how you know you’re fucked

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do you ever look at a boy’s hands and just nod to yourself

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Stop mistaking harmless ignorance as downright disrespect, not everyone in the goddamn world is educated of the 500000+ different gender identities. You spend 99% of your time sitting on your ass browsing a website built from the ground up on social justice concepts; don’t expect others to be aware of the deep abyss of the gender universe when some people aren’t even aware that gender and sex are two different things.

I needed to read this

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one time i did 9 shots of tequila and sent everyone i know a text saying im so sorry and cried for an hour because i really wanted a pet manatee and my apartment isnt big enough to house a manatee. i dont fuck with tequila anymore

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National Highways Authority of India 

National Highways Authority of India 

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why do guys ask what color your bra is like what you gonna jack off to the color beige

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